The farm

The 10,000 sq.m. farm faces south in an absolutely quiet and natural setting that provides visitors with abundant sunshine and panoramic views of the Ionian Sea.

The farm is located above the harbour of Sivota Lefkadas and within 2 km of the village. Sivota Lefkadas is a picturesque fishing village at the foot of a green hill that reaches the blue waters of the Ionian Sea to form a natural harbour.

The farm is an ideal destination for those seeking rest and relaxation especially during the summer months. It is located in a traditional olive grove which also includes several almond trees, perfectly integrated into the rugged landscape with rich natural flora (thyme, savory, oregano and a host of other plants and herbs).

It is also planted with all types of fruit trees, such as pomegranates, cherry, plum and apricot, pear, fig, lemon, orange, mandarin, so that visitors can savour organic fruit in all seasons.

The farm is surrounded by traditionally built stone walls to ensure tranquillity and privacy.

Your gaze will be delighted by the panoramic view of the deep blue sea on the nearby islands of Arkoudi and Atokos, then further away to Ithaca and Kefalonia to the evergreen mountains of Lefkada.

Villa Maria, Villa Sappho and Villa Evangelia have been created here in harmony with the farm’s environment while respecting the traditional architecture and utilising the main building materials of stone, wood and plaster. The two-storey villas are fully self-contained and functional.

The farm is just 600 metres off the main road and combines the visitor's wish for privacy and nature with fast, direct and easy access to any destination.